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Performance Class at the Friedrich Gulda School of Music (former “AMP – International Academy of Music and Performing Arts”)
Gerda | 05, May

Lecture „Frédéric Chopin und Johann Sebastian Bachs ‘Wohltemperiertes Klavier’ – einige Gedanken als Anregung und

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Lecture at Symposium (Geneva) “Piano Complémentaire : une matière généraliste dans une formation spécialisée”
Gerda | 16, February

Piano Complémentaire : une matière généraliste dans une formation spécialisée First Pan-European Symposium “Complementary Piano :

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Gerda Struhal at Liszt Festival Raiding
Gerda | 17, October

Liszt Festival Raiding, October 2020 Saturday Oct 24th, 2020 19:30 Beethoven and Liszt Gerda’s Recital

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Goldegg Schlosskonzerte August 2020
Gerda | 01, August

Schloss Goldegg 6. August 2020 Gerda Struhal (Klavier) „Beethoven, Liszt und die Liebe“ Solorecital 2

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Goldegg Schlosskonzerte August 2020
Gerda | 31, July

Schloss Goldegg 6. August 2020 19:00 Gerda Struhal (Klavier) „Beethovens Hammerklaviersonate“ Gerdas Recital 1 Schloss

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University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) ranked No 1
Gerda | 27, February

In 2019 MDW has been ranked No 1 ex aequo with Juilliard School proud to

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Opening Ceremony ICNMD, Vienna
Gerda | 09, July

Songs and Piano Music by Franz Schubert, Christoph Filler, Bariton Gerda Struhal, Piano photo credits:

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ICNMD 2018, Opening Ceremony
Gerda | 08, July

Introducing the program, Schubert Songs (Christoph Filler, Bariton) and Impromptu

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Gramophone Magazine
Gerda | 11, June

In UK’s Gramophone Magazine, Angela Hewitt’s interpretation of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata in g K. 426

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„J. S. Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias as pedagogical access to musical analysis und interpretation“
Gerda | 12, April

Speech at the Symposium “Wie praktisch ist Musiktheorie?” University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna,

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Playing JS Bach Preludes and Fugues…
Gerda | 22, January

…at Prof. Georg Mark’s, my wonderful former conducting mentor’s, birthday celebration. Jan 20th, 2018, Thallern,

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata op. 111 2nd movement
Gerda | 20, October

Gerda Struhal plays 2nd Movement of Beethoven’s op. 111 on Youtube

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MDW…my musical home and the most beautiful campus in the world
Gerda | 12, October

MDW in fall, start of semester 2017/18  

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Gerda’s Schumann/Ravel CD, excerpt
Gerda | 01, May

Gerda plays Robert Schumann’s Sonata f Minor 1st Movement Label Gramola 98804

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In 2017 the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna is turning 200
Gerda | 26, January

I enjoy teaching here and appreciate being part of it!

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(Deutsch) Einführungstext Solorezital „JS Bach – F Chopin“
Gerda | 15, April

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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Solo Recital, Vienna
Gerda | 05, April

April 18th 2016 7 PM Music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Frédéric Chopin venue: Gesellschaft für

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Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quijote
Gerda | 06, October

Julia Stemberger, Sprecherin / Gerda Struhal, Piano Wednesday 21 October 2015, 12:30PM Schubert-Saal/Wiener Konzerthaus Music

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Solo Recital at S:t Nikolai Kyrka
Gerda | 09, September

Solo Recital at S:t Nikolai Kyrka in Halmstad, Sweden on Sept. 19th 2015 at 10AM

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Review – Carinthian Summer Music Festival 2015
Gerda | 05, August

“Small gestures, tremendous impact” Viennese pianist Gerda Struhal delights at CS Ossiach. Ascending and descending chromatic

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Werkeinführung Solorezital Carinthischer Sommer 2015
Gerda | 14, July

Werkeinführung Solorezital Carinthischer Sommer 2015 veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2015/Programmheft Carinthischer Sommer 2015 Johann Sebastian

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Review, Solo Recital, Musikverein Vienna, Subscription Series tasten.lauf
Gerda | 16, March

• Die Presse (anlässlich des Debut in der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien), „Was sind 272

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Review, Naxos CD “Scarlatti-Keyboard Sonatas” Vol. 12, The Dallas Morning News
Gerda | 01, October

The Dallas Morning News, October 2010   Lawson Taitte Viennese pianist Gerda Struhal, virtually unknown

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Review, CDs “Chopin, Skrjabin” and “Schumann, Ravel” in FONO FORUM
Gerda | 01, January

Promise for the Future Now here, finally, is a young artist who you feel has

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Anual Report of the Department of Piano of the MDW 2006
Gerda | 10, December

in German only Jahresbericht 2006 Institut für Tasteninstrumente (Institut 4) MDW

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