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Gramophone Magazine

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In UK’s Gramophone Magazine, Angela Hewitt’s interpretation of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata in g K. 426 is compared to Gerda Struhal’s Naxos recording. Read Gramophone CD review Scarlatti Sonatas

(Deutsch) Zur Organisation eines Konzertes im 19. Jahrhundert…Take 2, Friedrich Wieck

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

(Deutsch) Zur Organisation eines Konzertes im 19. Jahrhundert…Take 1 Hector Berlioz über Franz Liszt

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

„J. S. Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias as pedagogical access to musical analysis und interpretation“

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Speech at the Symposium “Wie praktisch ist Musiktheorie?” University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, MDW Fanny Hensel Saal Anton-von-Webernplatz 1, 1030 Vienna 13. April 2018 Symposium “Wie praktisch ist

Excerpt of CD “Chopin, Scriabin”, Alexander Scriabin’s Sonata op. 19 “Fantasie-Sonata”

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata op. 111 2nd movement

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MDW…my musical home and the most beautiful campus in the world

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MDW in fall, start of semester 2017/18  

Gerda’s Schumann/Ravel CD, excerpt

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Gerda plays Robert Schumann’s Sonata f Minor 1st Movement Label Gramola 98804

Memories, 1999 at Cleveland International Piano Competition/ Kulas Hall

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In 2017 the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna is turning 200

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I enjoy teaching here and appreciate being part of it!

(Deutsch) Einführungstext Solorezital „JS Bach – F Chopin“

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Solo Recital, Vienna

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April 18th 2016 7 PM Music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Frédéric Chopin venue: Gesellschaft für Musiktheater Türkenstraße 19, 1090 Vienna Tickets:

Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quijote

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Julia Stemberger, Sprecherin / Gerda Struhal, Piano Wednesday 21 October 2015, 12:30PM Schubert-Saal/Wiener Konzerthaus Music by Domenico Scarlatti, Antonio Soler, Enrique Granados, Isaac Albéniz Subscription series Musik und Dichtung Presented

Solo Recital at S:t Nikolai Kyrka

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Solo Recital at S:t Nikolai Kyrka in Halmstad, Sweden on Sept. 19th 2015 at 10AM wirh music by J. S. Bach, A. Soler, D. Scarlatti and F. Chopin

Review – Carinthian Summer Music Festival 2015

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“Small gestures, tremendous impact” Viennese pianist Gerda Struhal delights at CS Ossiach. Ascending and descending chromatic scales: Pianist Gerda Struhal presented an audacious programme at the Carinthian Summer. All of a

Werkeinführung Solorezital Carinthischer Sommer 2015

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Werkeinführung Solorezital Carinthischer Sommer 2015 veröffentlicht am 31. Juli 2015/Programmheft Carinthischer Sommer 2015 Johann Sebastian Bach Als Johann Sebastian Bach sich um die höchst angesehene Stelle des Thomaskantors in Leipzig

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival 2015

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Gerda Struhal cover story in Kärnten exclusive

Gerda’s Dušek Project, excerpts

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Review, Solo Recital, Musikverein Vienna, Subscription Series tasten.lauf

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• Die Presse (anlässlich des Debut in der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien), „Was sind 272 Jahre Altersunterschied schon! Musikverein: Die Wiener Pianistin Gerda Struhal kombiniert Scarlatti mit Schlee. Es ist

Review, Naxos CD “Scarlatti-Keyboard Sonatas” Vol. 12, The Dallas Morning News

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The Dallas Morning News, October 2010   Lawson Taitte Viennese pianist Gerda Struhal, virtually unknown in the United States, might change your attitude about Domenico Scarlatti. Especially on the piano,

Review, CDs “Chopin, Skrjabin” and “Schumann, Ravel” in FONO FORUM

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Promise for the Future Now here, finally, is a young artist who you feel has something of her own to say, and delightfully so, instead of simply joining the ranks

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